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08 June 2021

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Support your favourite charities by donating on Sustainably with Barclays

  • Sustainably enables users to donate to their favourite charities with Round Ups or Monthly Happiness
  • Choose from over 40 causes to support making giving easy
  • Sustainably is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and uses a secure tool called TrueLayer to connect to your bank through Open BankingSustainably enables users to donate to their favourite charities with Round Ups or Monthly Happiness

New app Sustainably is now compatible with Barclays that makes it even easier to support your favourite charities by automatically rounding up cashless transactions and donating spare change each time you shop. Turning everyday payments into impact, with Sustainably, you simply link up your card or device and make a difference every time you spend, or you can give a monthly amount, and see your impact instantly. You can even track the impact you've made.

The global pandemic and months of lockdowns has put significant financial pressure on charities over the last year with a huge decrease in traditional fundraising for charities due to social restrictions. According to Civil Society, it is estimated that charities in the UK will have a £12bn shortfall in donations for 2020, but the need for the support they provide has doubled. Sustainably has created a new way for individuals to donate and support charities to help solve this issue and for the future as we move towards a more cashless society.

By making giving 'effortless, sustainable and part of everyday life' Sustainably's free app allows everyone to support the charities that matter to them the most. Users set their own donation limits, and are free to stop, start, pause or change them at any time. You'll never be pressured by their charities, and they never share your personal details, so you can give with complete privacy, transparency and control. It's also Gift Aid compatible, FCA-regulated and charges no user fees so more of money goes seamlessly straight to the good causes you care about without you having to think about it. Everyday Heroes who use the app can pause or change donation levels or the cause they want to support at a touch of a button.

Currently there are over 40 charities you can choose to support on Sustainably including: Macmillan Cancer Care, Shelter, British Heart Foundation and The Rainforest Trust.

If there is a cause you want to support that isn't on the platform yet you can simply suggest it within the app.

Through connecting with Barclays secure UK Open Banking network, Sustainably can collate the transactions made on your account and round up the spare change which doesn't leave your bank account until it reaches your fundraising goal. This means that every coffee, takeaway, bus ticket, haircut or a new pair of shoes can make an impact and make a big difference in the long term. You can set your own monthly donation limits so you only donate what you are comfortable with, which you can pause and change at any time.

Sustianably is completely free and takes no fees from your donations, payments are processed securely through Stripe which takes a small fee of 1.2% + 10p. The rest goes straight to your chosen cause and you can add Gift Aid supercharging your donations by 25%.

By working together with Barclays and using TrueLayer to link to the UK's Open Banking network, all your information is kept safe and secure through FCA regulated bank-level security and oversight. By providing a continuous new revenue stream for good causes, we’re transforming frictionless giving. 

Loral Quinn, Co-founder and CEO of Sustainably explains: "My co-founder/daughter and I came up with the idea to help people effortlessly make a positive impact everyday. Many of us want to support good causes but don't want to commit to one cause and face the hassle and guilt of later cancelling. Consumers want convenience, flexibility and transparency, but ‘giving tech’ hasn't yet caught up, which is where Sustainably can make a huge difference."

“We’re proud to have supported Sustainably through the Female Founders First programme, and are excited to see the progress they are making in helping customers to give to causes they care about.” from Sonal Lakhani, Global Head of Programmes at Barclays.

To find out more about Barclays Open Banking and how it can work for your Fintech please click here: https://developer.barclays.com/open-banking

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