Success story: Crediwatch

Success story: Crediwatch

Amplifying trade velocity

The proposition

A data insights-as-a-service platform that provides an automated, intelligent and curated data marketplace (with a consent-based architecture) that aids faster and accurate credit decision-making at scale. The company’s platform uses proprietary credit and other risk assessment models to provide actionable intelligence for dynamic credit underwriting and risk management.

Key features

  • Derives insights from distributed and unstructured data sources, using proven computational techniques like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and visualisation to help businesses make fast and smart decisions 
  • Automates credit portfolio monitoring (early warning signs) with a predictive engine and alerts (in line with central bank regulations) 
  • Delivers several microservices around corporate due diligence, trade checks, employee verification and tax analysis 
  • Enables digital onboarding in line with local regulations for KYC and AML checks 
  • Combines public data with consent data to create a 360 degree picture


  • Reduction in the overall lead time for the Know Your Customer (KYC) process 
  • Smoother KYC process as only relevant inputs are required from the customer 
  • Improved customer experience with reduced onboarding time and minimal documentation requested by the bank 
  • Real-time monitoring predicts delinquency with a lead time of a year 
  • Frees up resource time so front office staff can focus on their core work

The Barclays partnership

Crediwatch completed a proof-of-concept (PoC) as part of the Barclays Accelerator programme and created a customised KYC offering for the Barclays Corporate Banking business.

After a six month pilot engagement and additional customisations, Crediwatch has been onboarded as a vendor by Barclays.

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