Success story: Fluid.AI

Success story: Fluid.AI

AI that works for you

The proposition

Fluid.AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that uses machine learning to drive decision-making for a variety of business operations. The AI is plug-and-play so there’s no installation overhead, and is connected to hundreds of data sources to maximise intelligent decision-making.

Fluid.AI also uses AI to create sophisticated virtual customer assistance for firms with a physical presence. Motion-sensitive cameras mounted in a kiosk detect customer reactions, facial expressions and gestures to apply for a loan, assess credit card options or get the latest rates.

Key features

  • Genetically evolving predictions that continuously learn from previous decisions and become smarter with time 
  • Speaks to customers and puts them in a digital environment where they can explore using gestures and voice 
  • Automatically recognises customers using advanced facial recognition 
  • The entire customer experience works seamlessly on mobiles.


  • Resourcing is based on call volumes, allowing optimal employee allocation across departments 
  • Reduction in hiring costs 
  • Quicker resolution of queries 
  • Drives sales and marketing initiatives – explore products interactively, and sign up for a bank account or credit card in minutes.

The Barclays partnership

The Barclaycard Technology team in India is working with Fluid.AI to develop a solution that provides intelligent predictions on demographic, transactional and campaign - specific response data for cross - and up-selling to cards and loans customers.

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