Success story: Cutover

Success story: Cutover

The leader in work orchestration and observability

The proposition

Cutover is a work orchestration and observability platform used to coordinate human and technical activities for change, resilience, transformation and operational readiness.

These activities can involve hundreds of people and tasks, all of which require precise coordination to ensure success.

Key features

  • Interactive run books that make it easy to plan and execute actions 
  • Live visualisation of status and real-time analytics 
  • Fully integrated communications and alerts 
  • Drives continuous operational improvement


  • Saves considerable time and money through more effective work orchestration 
  • Increased transparency making it easier to trace and remediate errors 
  • Improved risk management

The Barclays partnership

Barclays signed a multi-year enterprise level agreement with Cutover in 2018. The platform is used in multiple areas of banking, including Group Resilience, Global Payments, Wealth and Service Management.

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