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Welcome to the age of simulation

01 June 2020

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The proposition

Inform decision making by using predictive analytics to simulate highly complex scenarios.

Leaders have access to unprecedented quantities of information. They need to act fast, break down silos and solve big problems.

Simudyne helps senior leaders accelerate optimum performance by providing a platform to help make radically better decisions.

Key features

  • Quickly build and run complex Agent-Based Models at scale 
  • Provide immediate answers through an easily digestible interface 
  • The only secure simulation platform certified by Cloudera (market leading Hadoop ‘Big Data’ platform)1


  • Enables Barclays to do predictive analytics at a large scale and extremely low computational cost 
  • Simulate more detailed scenarios and understand the spectrum of possible outcomes 
  • Gain insights and make quicker, data driven decisions.

The Barclays partnership

Simudyne’s software has been described as ‘potentially transformational’ to our business and a successful pilot was completed across Barclays (Quantitative Analytics, Risk Analytics, Credit Risk, FiRM, Omni-Channel and Customer Experience).

An alumnus of Barclays’ 2017 London Accelerator, powered by Techstars, Simudyne is working with the bank and our clients to explore the latest Agent-Based Modelling exchange simulation techniques and to create a more robust and stable bank with its advances in real-time simulation.

The company is also building out Barclays’ talent base for data scientists.

¹ Correct at time of writing

Simulation is used to predict thunderstorms and sunny days. We can use the same science to predict economic storms and to manage the economy during the good times – and the bad.

Justin Lyon | Simudyne


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