Embedded Finance

February 2021

Welcome to the February 2021 edition of the Rise FinTech Insights report. This edition focuses on Embedded Finance.

Embedded Finance is exciting for brands, FinTechs and traditional financial services. Brands can offer additional financial products to fix and extend consumer experiences. FinTechs can develop creative solutions for these and also provide new technology, in the form of Banking as a Service (BaaS), which underlies and supports Embedded Finance. And the financial services industry, including incumbent banks, can flex to new propositions in innovative ways.

Read how Embedded Finance:

·       Allows a wide range of companies to offer convenient financial solutions

·       Is enabled by BaaS and new financial infrastructure technology

·       Unlocks new sectors for FinTechs to innovate

·       Is shaping trends in ecommerce

·       Impacts incumbent banks

The report features articles from venture capital investors, prominent startup founders, and Barclays leadership and covers a range of sectors, from the music industry and farming to healthcare and investments. You can also get our Rise site leads’ thoughts on 2021 and insights into global VC FinTech deals and our Rise ecosystem.

We hope you find this report useful. We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Contact your local Rise team to discuss how we can collaborate.

Rise Presents: FinTech Infrastructure - Embedded Finance

Join us on 25th February as we explore the topic of Embedded Finance further with a panel of experts including Dhruva Rajan, CEO at Geospoc, Derek Stewart, CEO and Founder at Paysme and Louisa Murray, COO UK and Europe at Railsbank, moderated by Alexandra Gheorghe, FinTech Platform Manager at Rise New York, and Rise FinTech Insights Editor-in-Chief. 

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