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The largest FinTech space in New York

Welcome to Rise New York

Rise, created by Barclays, is a global community of the world's top innovators working together to create the future of financial services.

Get unparalleled access to mentorship, insights, guidance and world-class facilities to accelerate your business right in the heart of the Flatiron District at Rise New York.

Rise operates FinTech hubs around the world, where cutting-edge startups and scaleups can connect, create and scale their businesses, backed by our Barclays global network of industry experts, mentors, investors and partners.

What's happening at Rise New York

TiE NY StartUp Open Mic Night
Monday 9 December 2019

TiE NY StartUp Open Mic Night

We invite you to TiE New York's monthly Startup Open Mic Night event for an exciting night of networking and pitching! This event is not your typical meet and greet.

This month our featured speaker will be Ramon Ray, a journalist and small business evangelist.

To pitch you don’t have to be a TiE member, you just need to be a startup and/or investor with the passion to give your elevator pitch for 90 seconds in front of a group of angel investors, venture capitalists, startup-focused service based providers, mentors, and a large community of other successful entrepreneurs.

Totally Tidy Tuning Tools
Wednesday 11 December 2019

Totally Tidy Tuning Tools

Many machine learning models have hyperparameters whose values cannot be analytically estimated from the data. For example, the number of neighbors in a nearest-neighbor classification model. The tidymodels collection of R packages are a tidyverse interface to modeling.

In this talk, the new tune package will be introduced. Examples of the tidy interface to model tuning will be demonstrated.

NY Customer Panel: Handy, Harry’s and Novo @ Rise New York
Thursday 12 December 2019

NY Customer Panel: Handy, Harry’s and Novo @ Rise New York

Having a hard time creating customer obsession within your company? Wanting to learn more about how companies deliver best in class support while remaining operationally efficient and cost-effective? Hear first-hand stories and gain insight from their experiences. Did we mention there’s going to be free food and drinks?


  • Effortless Customer Experience: What does this mean? How do you create it? 
  • How you build and enable a team to support your customers 
  • Metrics, metrics, metrics...for best-in-class CX 
  • Using the voice of your customers to drive change in your company
ARTificial intelligence
Friday 13 December 2019

ARTificial intelligence

In October 2018 an AI artwork was sold at Christie’s for $432,500.

When we think about art made by Artificial Intelligence, we imagine a bot thinking and creating art: that is not what is happening. Artists and creators have been pushing the limits experimenting with the use of machine learning. Is AI an emotional entity or data that is trained by human emotions? Is “Ai art” art?

These topics will be discussed by some of the most cutting edge figures in the art world.

If you're interested in hosting your event in our space at Rise New York, get in touch with us for details of availability and cost.

Workspaces at Rise New York

If you're looking for a workspace in New York, there's nowhere better than Rise New York.

Rise New York Workspace

Private office

  • Premium seating
  • Soundproof office
  • Whiteboard walls
  • Office storage
  • Double paned glass 
  • Access to all facilities
Rise New York Workspace

Resident seat

  • Premium seating
  • Space for branding
  • Access to all facilities

And there's plenty more facilities available for you;

 Accelerator space
 Disabled access
 Meeting rooms
 Member benefits
 Onsite team
 Phone booths
 Podcast room
 Soft drinks

Meet the Rise New York team

We're here to help you connect to mentors and talent, whilst providing access to global corporations and capital to help your business grow

Ilana Fass, FinTech Platform Lead at Rise New York
FinTech Platform Lead

Ilana Fass

Ilana Fass is a Vice President in Barclays' Group Innovation Office and is the FinTech Platform Lead for Rise New York. Ilana was previously the FinTech Platform Lead for Rise Tel Aviv, and covered a number of positions in the Rise Tel Aviv site from 2016 to 2019.

Ilana started her career in innovation as the Program Manager of The Hive Accelerator in Tel Aviv, focusing on business development for early-stage and seed startups.

Ilana served as an officer in the Israel Defence Forces from 2011 to 2014.

Programmes at Rise New York

Supporting innovation and growth by bringing you and acknowledged experts together.

Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars
Rise Programmes

Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars

An intensive 13-week programme designed to accelerate your startup. 

As well as getting unprecedented access to our network and knowledge base, successful applicants will also gain invaluable insights from some of the smartest minds in the startup and FinTech worlds.

Rise Programmes

Unreasonable Impact

Unreasonable Group and Barclays have built Unreasonable Impact to support companies positioned to create 500+ jobs each over the next five years.

Unreasonable Impact will become an R&D engine, helping address the global unemployment crisis by scaling up entrepreneurs worldwide.

Where to find Rise New York

Rise New York is located in the Flatiron District, right at the heart of New York's Silicon Alley.

43 West 23rd Street, 2nd - 6th Floor, NEW YORK, NY 10010

Rise is the Home of FinTech

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