Why Rise

The mindset of a startup, the expertise of a bank

Our Vision

Rise, Barclays' global FinTech platform, exists to create the ultimate conditions for innovation and growth in financial services. Since 2015, Rise has focused on building a global community of the best minds in FinTech to disrupt, challenge and confront the way things are done in our industry.

Today we have over 200 FinTech companies who call Rise home, and a virtual community of over 6,000 members. With access to a huge range of change makers in the industry, our mission is to better connect technology, talent and trends from our network to accelerate innovation and growth for Barclays, startups and corporates.

To join our community, email us at team@thinkrise.com.


New prototypes and business models created in Rise programmes each year 


New investment raised by startups within Rise each year 


Companies are Rise ciommunity members, with a virtual community of over 6,000


Deals signed between Barclays and startups each year through Rise 

Rise has a unique combination of freedom, structure, access and informality

Kevin Barrow | MARK Labs


It’s about that bond of working with people, for the people and being part of the ecosystem. That's what's unique about Rise, especially if you are in Fintech

Zvi Goldstein | Ontic Capital

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Why Rise for FinTech founders
why rise for

FinTech Founders

Be surrounded by your own kind

Why Rise for Barclays Client and Partner network
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Barclays Client and Partner Network

Get involved with new opportunities

Why Rise for Investors
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Spot new opportunities for growth

Why Rise for FinTech enthusiasts
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FinTech Enthusiasts

Get a glimpse of what lies ahead

Rise is the Home of FinTech