FinTech Friday is a monthly mentoring series for FinTech start-ups and scale-ups. We match make founders with industry experts from across the sector.

FinTech Friday

Our mentoring programme

FinTech Friday is our free monthly mentoring programme for FinTech startups, where experts share their know-how on various topics in virtual one-on-one meetings. Our guest mentors include individuals from around the FinTech community and have expertise in marketing, legal, business development and other fields to accelerate your startup's growth.

Join a mentoring session

Both of our sites - London and New York - run FinTech Friday sessions. To apply for a place at a session, please complete the details below for the relevant location.

Mentoring at Rise London

FinTech Friday at Rise London

Mentoring at Rise New York

FinTech Friday at Rise New York

The benefits of mentoring

Hear what experienced mentors and mentees in the startup community have to say about mentoring.

The benefits of mentoring in a startup community

Discover some helpful tips on the benefits of mentoring from experienced mentors and mentees in the startup community.

How to make the most of your mentor

Ilana Fass, former FinTech platform lead at Rise New York, discusses mentoring programmes and how to best work with a mentor.

2020 FinTech Friday global numbers

586 mentoring sessions

277 mentoring hours

204 FinTech companies

131 mentors involved

32 Barclays mentors

2 Global Mentor meet-ups

61 female founders

56 female mentors


Hear from previous participants;

We are closing our pre-seed round this week and Rise has been a big part of that so thank you again for organising these sessions

A really enjoyable and rewarding session. A great opportunity to step out of the day job and provide advice and support to the entrepreneurs who are looking to make a difference and solve problems through their innovations.

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