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What's happening at the Home of FinTech

What's happening at Rise London

Founder Hotseat: Pitch Your Startup to London Startup Experts
Friday 18 October 2019

Founder Hotseat: Pitch Your Startup to London Startup Experts

Do you have a startup, or a strong idea for a startup? Could you use blunt, honest feedback on your ideas from experienced entrepreneurs? Then join us for the Founder Hotseat event, from the Founder Institute. During this event, members of the audience will pitch their ideas to a panel of experts, who will then rate each pitch on a score of 1-5 (no 3's allowed!), and provide helpful feedback.

Her Future summit
Friday 1 November 2019

Her Future Summit

Her Future Starts Here....

Drawing thousands of the world's technology leaders together to learn about the influence of women on tomorrow.

To Accelerate Humanity’s success with #5 of the Sustainable Development Goals- Gender Equality, Her Future Summit Launches with a Line up of 100 Global Speakers and Partners across 10 major cities around the world.

Her Future Summit is the world’s most exclusive event featuring tech investors, entrepreneurs and influencers creating or leveraging platforms to advance women.

FunTech Comedy Night
Tuesday 3 December 2019

FunTech Comedy Night

The evening will be hosted by Julia Streets, founder & CEO of Streets Consulting and host of DiverCity Podcast. As a stand-up comedian herself, Julia has gigged at the Edinburgh Fringe and London's iconic Comedy Store, and will be introducing a great new lineup of comedians on the night. We'll be revealing names in due course!

The last #FunTech Comedy Night was heavily oversubscribed, so grab your ticket while you can!

Rise Presents : FinTech trends of 2019 – Big influencer to moderate
Tuesday 10 December 2019

Rise Presents: FinTech trends of 2019

Find out from our FinTech experts about the latest developments in the global ecosystem.

What's happening at Rise Mumbai

Rise Refresh: Networking Etiquette
Wednesday 16 October 2019

Rise Refresh: Networking Etiquette

Young professionals/ young adults are especially seeking help w.r.t. confidence-building and interpersonal skills according to the Deloitte 2018 millennial survey. In their view, businesses are insufficiently focusing on soft skills.

A good Networking Etiquette will help people in terms of client acquisitions and maintaining client relationships.

Our goal is to teach the participants how to build their pipeline and reach potential clients effectively.

The Art of Content Writing
Thursday 17 October 2019

The Art of Content Writing

Content Writing is emerging as the next gen career option for Women on sabbatical or those who are unable to step out of home for fixed jobs. A lot of women, even though being well educated are unable to have a professional career.

While we understand the reason behind being restricted to stay indoors, we want them to keep up the spirit of being on own. The Art of Content Writing workshop, is an effort to make these women learn the basics of professional writing and pick up the pen to write down their own career path.

By joining the workshop, you will be introduced to difference between writing for self and writing for others, SEO content, techniques of writing and a lot more.

FinTech for SDG's
Thursday 17 October 2019

FinTech for SDG's

The traditional education systems were not designed to teach us how to break boundaries and collaborate! While we understand that education alone cannot achieve a more sustainable future; however, learning systems represent the most powerful, systemic and massive lever to transform societies.

This collective conversation aims to bring together alternative learning spaces and communities that exist in forms of residencies, innovation hubs, art collectives, galleries, incubators and more & essentially talk about the learning that they provide, especially when it comes to collective intelligence and collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Big Data Mumbai
Saturday 19 October 2019

Big Data Mumbai v16.0 - Data Culture and E-commerce

Join us for a morning of interesting in-depth discussions on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and more.

Are you facing challenges in operationalizing your models to take real business decisions? Are you finding it difficult in interfacing with multiple business, product and technology stakeholders to get all the cool stuff into action? In this meetup, Dhruv Rastogi will share ways how Data Science teams can Democratize AI/ML-driven decision making across different functions and verticals in mid-large organizations.

What's happening at Rise New York

DerivHack 2019
Wednesday 16 October 2019

DerivHack 2019

Barclays DerivHack is back, bigger and more ambitious than ever!

Following last year's success, Barclays is once again partnering with ISDA to host DerivHack. Join us to take in a bigger challenge, leveraging the power of the ISDA Common Domain Model to promote the use of common utilities.

Rise New York grand reopening
Wednesday 23 October 2019

Rise New York Grand Reopening

Join Barclays Group Technology and Innovation Office for the launch of our newly expanded Rise New York site on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

Come celebrate the official launch of the site with Barclays colleagues, our resident startups and members from New York’s FinTech ecosystem.

What's happening at Rise Tel Aviv

Female Founder Roundtable: How to Get Ahead in Entrepreneurship
Tuesday 22 October 2019

Rise Presents: Female Founder Roundtable: How to Get Ahead in Entrepreneurship

We know that Tel Aviv is full of entrepreneurial women and this event aims to bring women together and give you access to top female entrepreneurs and passionate women in business. They will share their 'why', their stories, challenges, successes, tips and answer your burning questions about entrepreneurship. Join us for a roundtable in this closed setting where we discuss being a female entrepreneur.

Skyrocket your Conversation Rates - When FinTech and eCommerce Meet
Wednesday 6 November 2019

Skyrocket your Conversation Rates - When FinTech and eCommerce Meet

We are thrilled to invite you to FinTech-Aviv's November 6th event, focused on the rapidly developed eCommerce industry and its interface with the FinTech space!

This time, we will explore the various access points of the payments and eCommerce spaces with FinTech, and host experts from fast-growing ventures who will share their stories on their rapid growth and on the ways they utilize FinTech to increase market penetration, conversion, and sales.

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