Revelio Labs success story

Success story

Revelio Labs

Understanding companies through talent

25 June 2020

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In this time of uncertainty, we’re trying to help investors understand the vulnerabilities and adaptabilities of companies at a deeper level

Ben Zweig

CEO Revelio Labs

The proposition

It can often be the case that large organisations find it difficult to get a true understanding of ‘enterprise talent’. The focus is often on financial metrics, which are only secondary indicators of human performance. Understanding how talent migrates between organisations (across or within industry sectors) is key to interpreting the culture of a company and its retention strategies.

Instead of just relying on financial metrics, measuring human performance more intelligently and directly allows organisations to make better, truer comparisons with their competitors and peers. This helps in revealing how employees are contributing to organisational success.

Revelio Labs enables this by creating insights into companies’ talent pools, allowing workforce analysis to be conducted and improving decision-making in HR and strategy teams.

A huge range of data from across the Web is examined and analysed. The range of data covers many aspects of people and organisations (including gender, ethnicity, location, business area, industry area and skillsets) to gain an accurate understanding of human performance.

Analysis is based on a new, universal and structured language that faithfully describes talent. It’s not enough to mine the traditional, intractable and inconsistent descriptors of corporate job titles, seniority and skills. A new approach is required that opens up new ways of looking at and comparing organisations and the talent that lies within them.

Key features

  • An intuitive dashboard makes analysis easy 
  • Solutions are tailored to the relevant market segment. Different solutions are available to meet the needs of investment managers, Private Equity and Venture Capital managers, and enterprises 
  • Proprietary machine learning techniques provide deep insights 
  • Only transparent data sources, such as public employment records, are used


  • Review your organisation’s talent against hiring trends, your peers and competitors 
  • Determine whether your company is meeting its diversity targets 
  • Helps forecast the profitability of your company and other companies, based on the flow of human capital 
  • Gain an understanding of hiring trends across your industry and how your organisation stacks up against others 
  • Answer ‘what-if’ questions such as “Will my organisation benefit from AI, or should you make an offshore move?”

The Barclays partnership

Revelio Labs participated in the 2019 New York Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, programme.

Revelio Labs screenshot

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