Pluto Money success story

Success story

Pluto Money

Your money hero, in college and beyond

18 May 2020

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CEO and co-founder Tim Yu knows better than most that money has a nasty habit of evaporating, especially when you are not paying attention to it. As an intern frustrated with the lack of finance apps that focus on financial wellness, Tim and fellow founders Susie Kim and Dante Monaldo founded Pluto Money. Pluto Money see the Generation Z market as financially underserved. They believe that many financial institutions group millennials, Generation X and Z together, which is a mistake as Generation Z customers are a lot more proactive in their finances from an earlier age.

The proposition

Moving to a new city, making new friends and becoming fully independent for the first time can be daunting. Going to college or university can be especially nerve-racking for many reasons, not to mention the never- ending deadlines. It’s easy to see how students can lose track of their spending and get overwhelmed by finance management – and that’s where Pluto Money comes in. Pluto Money is a free money management app designed to meet the financial needs of Generation Z. By using behavioural science to support financial wellness, Pluto encourages personal savings through challenges.

Key features

  • Intuitive, easy-to-understand, Generation Z-friendly app for managing money more effectively 
  • Behavioural science insights that appeal to Generation Z wants and needs 
  • Goal setting broken down into actionable challenges.


Pluto Money’s app allows users to set financial goals and take part in actionable challenges – a process designed to psychologically appeal to their mindset and avoid information overload, giving them control over their money. The app lets users compare their finances against peers, add important social data to their decision-making process and makes it easier to manage their money.

The Barclays partnership

Pluto Money was part of the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars 2018 New York Class.

Mariquit Corcoran, Managing Director, for the Group Innovation Office at Barclays, states, “Pluto Money truly advanced their business development strategy and benefited from enterprise-ready feedback throughout the 13-week programme. Their platform continues to grow and help Generation Z improve their financial spending habits, and I look forward to seeing the progress they make in 2019 and beyond.”

I only realised I’d spent all of my internship earnings after my money was gone. I had no idea how to save money or manage my finances, and no existing financial tools worked for me.

Timothy Yu | Pluto Money

Co-founder and CEO

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