Flux success story

Success story


Receipts, rewards and loyalty

04 May 2020

5 minute read

The proposition

Digitising receipts and rewards from within your banking app.

Flux was founded on a simple idea: it’s insane that you can go from using 21st-century technology of contactless payments to 100BC technology of paper receipts.

So, the team at Flux created a solution with a mission to digitise, automate and organise the world’s receipts whilst creating more valuable interactions with a positive environmental footprint.

Key features

  • Automatic digital receipts and loyalty points from participating retailers straight to your mobile banking app 
  • Makes itemised spend data available to banks, generating new insights that can be monetised 
  • Enables retailers to connect the offline and online world.


  • Enhances customer rewards ecosystem and drives value for our merchant clients 
  • Enables Barclays to offer services to our customers and clients that are personalised and relevant, enabling all parties to achieve commercial gains.

The Barclays partnership

In 2020, Barclays acquired a minority stake in London-based Flux.

The technology has been integrated with Barclays’ Mobile Banking test app ‘Launchpad’ that has 10,000 live users, and Flux is working with merchants who are clients of Barclaycard’s acquiring business.

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