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Developing at speed

28 July 2020

4 minute read

Many within the FinTech community have had to rapidly adapt their ways of working to fit the current climate. It is fantastic to hear from Rise Mumbai resident Arpit Ratan, Co-Founder at Signzy, on how they're adapting, and supporting the wider community during this unprecedented time.

What would you like to say to the FinTech community at this time as words of encouragement?

"What demonetisation did to the digital payments sector, COVID-19 may do to other products. COVID-19 has already had an impact on the relaxation of various norms set by regulators. In addition, more measures are being taken by the Government to help the industry as a whole. The FinTech sector should expect more ‘Fin’ and more ‘Tech’ post COVID-19. This is definitely an opportunity for us to rise and shine!"

How do you manage to navigate your business through these challenging times by adapting, pivoting, transforming and future-proofing your business?

"COVID-19 will potentially force companies to digitise their customer onboarding processes for two significant reasons—fear of the spread of the contagion and an inevitable recession that would require businesses to cut costs wherever possible. The opportunity is there for us to grab. Signzy has already created three new products based on new guidelines by regulators."

How are you helping your community/user base to tackle the crisis?

"Signzy is helping financial institutions overcome compliance hurdles using technology, making them less manual, paperless and increasingly digital."

Any creative examples of how you've been motivating your team in these uncertain times? What has been effective?

"Being a digital transformation partner to our customers, the onus is on us to make their work seamless. Our motto during the COVID- 19 period has been “develop products at breakneck speed and become enablers”.  

How did you make remote working engaging for your team and customers/clients?

“We believe communication is key. As a tight-knit startup team, accountabilities are very clearly defined. Most of our teams are connecting on a daily basis now, as compared to weekly or alternate days prior to COVID-19. I think we are more connected than ever."

What does ‘Resilience’ mean to you?

“We are responding to this crisis positively, by anticipating future business opportunities. In fact, that positive outlook is perhaps one of the most important aspects of being human. This is what resilience means to us."

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