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How COVID-19 impacts companies differently

07 July 2020

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There are tremendous uncertainties ahead as COVID-19 hits us. How will the virus impact companies? Which are most at risk in the coming months? Which are most prepared for the changes ahead?

One key aspect of this is geography. To understand the impact of COVID-19 on an organisation, one of the first questions to ask is exactly where its employees are located. That might sound like an obvious question and a simple one to answer, but companies are not required to report where their workforce are located. And, even if they do, contingent workers (contractors), who can represent a major part of the entire workforce, are often excluded.

One Rise startup, Revelio Labs, has developed technologies to understand the geographical distribution of workers, and the inherent vulnerabilities and adaptability of companies that result from that distribution. Geography is just one attribute that Revelio Labs’ software uses. Others include gender, business area, industry area and skillsets. This data, from transparent sources such as public employment records, when combined with AI, has allowed them to develop a new, universal and structured language that faithfully describes the talent in organisations for a wide variety of use cases across market segments.

But back to geography. Using this data, Revelio Labs has measured the risk of each company to COVID-19 using two measures: the exposure to the virus and adaptability to changing work conditions:

  • COVID-19 exposure.The concentration of cases by country and state, weighted by the number of employees in each location. 
  • Adaptability. As employees transition to remote working, the Theil Index (a standard metric for population density) is used to measure how employees are spread geographically and therefore how easily companies are likely to adapt to new, distributed patterns of work.

Having applied these measurements across all companies, Revelio Labs has created a company score that rates their risk from the impact of COVID-19, and has shared the results with their customers. They’ve also built a product aimed at that use case.

For a comprehensive view of this COVID-19 risk analysis, see Revelio Labs’ report. For more information on Revelio Labs in general visit, https://rise.barclays/success-stories/ or https://www.reveliolabs.com/.

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