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Keeping the cameras rolling

16 June 2020

3 minute read

Many within the FinTech community have had to rapidly adapt their ways of working to fit the current climate. It is fantastic to hear from Rise London resident Judopay, on how they're adapting, and supporting the wider community during this unprecedented time.

How do you manage to navigate your business through these challenging times by adapting, pivoting, transforming and future-proofing your business?

“As a digital business, we initiated a mandatory WFH policy quite early on in the outbreak as it was easy for us to switch to remote working. However, there have still been learnings around keeping the team motivated and our culture alive while we’re not all physically in the same space. For us, this change is key as we settle into our new normal and adapt our way of working.

Morning ‘show and tells’ (with cameras on!) have also been a great way to check-in with colleagues and give teams a fun start to the day! We've also found that having some informal team meetings with our pets have helped with general happiness and keeping the mood of employees lighthearted.”

How are you helping your community/ user base to tackle the crisis?

“We had some great ideas from the team on what we can do to help during the crisis - as a result we joined the #KeepBritainMoving initiative. Our role in this has been setting up a mini hub where we’re sharing business offers and deals (to help businesses through the coming weeks), positive stories to bring a smile to people’s faces and some additional advice and support on businesses that are looking to make the shift to the online world.

On Thursday 30th at 2pm UK we’re hosting a webinar titled ‘Success Stories: How businesses have adapted during COVID-19’ where CEOs are sharing stories of how they’ve adapted their businesses during the current crisis. A positive 45 mins to give some tips and inspiration to fellow businesses.”

What would you like to shout to the FinTech community at this time as words of encouragement?

“We’re all in this together. While the next few weeks and months will no doubt be challenging, we’ll also learn a lot and find innovative new ideas for running and growing our businesses. On the flip side, there are a lot of great companies out there providing support and are willing to help, so if you need a helping hand, do reach out.”

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