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30 June 2020

3 minute read

We caught up with Rise London resident Flybits, to hear how they have been innovating in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, whilst keeping their employees motivated and maintaining a sense of community.

What would you like to shout to the FinTech community at this time as words of encouragement?

"The FinTech Community can rise to the occasion during this crisis and help bring to market innovative solutions that will help to effectively alleviate the financial concerns of individuals across the world. It is a crucial time for the FinTech community to walk the talk and support innovation at scale.

At Flybits we are working around the clock to support banks to improve their digital capabilities so that they can effectively engage with their customers through their mobile and web channels with hyper-personalised content. We believe that now more than ever banks need to prepare their digital channels to truly add value to their customers’ lives."


How do you manage to navigate your business through these challenging times by adapting, pivoting, transforming and future-proofing your business?

"As a cloud based software-as-a-service, we have been minimally impacted in terms of running the platform. Our team very quickly adapted to working from home and has begun exploring many innovative use cases that are relevant to this crisis.

It is important at this time to truly focus on bringing forward propositions that can provide immediate value to customers. We have also used this extra time at home to accelerate the execution of our product road map."

How are you helping your community/user base to tackle the crisis?

“We have developed a COVID-19 response solution that allows banks to quickly tackle the various challenges that they are facing with their customers on a regional basis. This does not only apply to individual customers. We have also explored ways in which banks can best support the many SMEs that have been left in a difficult situation as a result of COVID-19.”

In uncertain times, what creative ways have you found most effective in motivating your team?

“We have a daily video call stand up and speak throughout the day. In fact, we might be guilty of over-communicating! We also have frequent company wide update calls and have created a ''work from home'' slack channel where we share tips on how to stay healthy and positive whilst staying indoor! Additionally, we now have group yoga sessions as well as various other workout classes and conference calls that allow individuals at Flybits to present many of the projects that they are involved with outside of work.

Finally, our CEO also hosts a weekly internal Q&A session that has been very useful and as a global company, initiatives such as this allow us to maintain a sense of community. ”

How did you make remote working engaging for your team and customers/clients?

“The key to making remote working engaging for our team and for customers/clients is to always ensure that the video is on! This really makes conversations more personal, motivates you to get out of your pyjamas and it is nice to see other people's work from home setup!”

What does ‘Resilience’ mean to you?

“Resilience for me means to continue to work hard and grow whilst overcoming adversity.”

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