How Rise London resident Figured are adapting to the COVID-19 world


How Figured are adapting to the COVID-19 world

04 June 2020

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We caught up with Rise London residents David Kirby, UK & Ireland MD and Paddy Terry, Customer Success Specialist, Figured to hear their words of encouragement for the FinTech community, and how they have been adapting to the current environment.

What would you like to shout to the FinTech community at this time as words of encouragement?

“While these are tough and challenging times, and currently there is a lot of negativity out there, it's important for us in the FinTech/startup community to look towards the positives.

Constraint drives creativity, and at our core the FinTech/startup community is a resourceful and creative bunch, and with a little resilience we'll come out on top. Firstly, the FinTech community is collaborative and supportive, and an all round great industry to be involved in - with organisations such as Rise doing an awesome job of bringing us together. The majority of us are a lot better situated to handle this crisis than traditional businesses, we're typically agile and adaptive, and we're great at maximising tech usage to our advantage - something many businesses struggle with.

The sector as a whole is likely to benefit from this long term - already we've seen a huge uptake in usage of FinTech, particularly in Europe, and if anything this crisis is likely to highlight the importance of using technology, especially cloud tech, which has the very real potential to drive uptake in usage for us in the future!”

How are you helping your community/user base to tackle the crisis?

“As a remote ready team, we're used to working remotely - but many of our partners are not so familiar with it. What we've been doing is actively sharing our knowledge, thoughts, and experience with our partners on how to lead through change.

With our focus being centred on supporting our partners, we decided early on in the crisis to develop a worldwide support programme to enable more users to utilise our business planning tool ’scenarios’. We've removed the price barrier, and each partner gets in person support to take this to their customers. We've positioned it around the human dimension rather than the technology aspect, with Figured being a tool used for supporting an in person relationship with clients."

What creative ways to motivate your team in uncertain times have you found effective?

“As a global company, we've implemented various new company routines around daily team stand ups, weekly company-wide all hands, gifts periodically and specificities depending on the situation. We've been taking advantage of Zoom's virtual backgrounds to spice up internal meetings with themes, and we are keeping up with our traditional Friday drinks via video chat which has been great.

Figured is a remote ready company, we are set up to handle something like this particularly well so our focus has been about reassuring the team that our business is doing well, we have the resources and the planning to get through this well and the best thing they can do to help is to deliver their work.”

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