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The answer to motivation

02 June 2020

3 minute read

The FinTech community is known for being a creative bunch, this can come in handy when trying to motivate a team through uncharted water. We caught up with Andrei Dikouchine, Co-Founder 3SMoneyClub, to find out how he has kept his team motivated and more.

In uncertain times, what creative ways have you found most effective in motivating your team?

"That’s easy: we have started new initiative called “Buzz Thursdays”. It is a friendly after-work gathering in Zoom where all team members can grab a drink together and chat. As our people come from 4 different countries, these meetings became a new concept for team building.

Plus, we continue recruiting people with the help of online HR agency from Latvia and it really motivates everyone that every Thursday new colleagues join us – it’s almost like the real bar crawling experience when you never know who will you meet.”

What would you like to shout to the FinTech community at this time as words of encouragement?

“Times are no doubt tough, but as someone who lived through multiple “ends of the world as we know it” events such as Asian crisis 1998, 9/11, dot com crash and 2008, to name a few, I witnessed and can assure you that businesses which are able to see it through tend to thrive at the end. I am confident that staying as one will help FinTech community to find the way out of a difficult situation. We must just stay focused on our daily routines and work as a team.

Remember, ultimate winners never feel a loss of composure and trust. And crisis? it shall pass.”

How are you helping your community/user base to tackle the crisis?

“We developed several simple solutions to help our clients in this difficult situation. From mid-March we significantly lowered fees on SEPA payments with immediate effect: any EUR out payments to SEPA-connected recipients are reduced from €8 to €2.

In addition, to sustain previous agreements we decided not to wait until border shutdown is cancelled and expanded our presence in Amsterdam. Our new office started operating by accepting pre-orders and other requests that now are referring to the new branch via email.

And finally, our developers have fast-tracked the launch of our new efficient payment management for members separated by a lockdown: we provided technical update called MultiSign that enables multi-level account management suitable for businesses where a bank account is managed by 2 or more people.”

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