Flybits empowers banks to engage an audience of one, at scale. 

Banks, their customers, and the environment they exist in are changing rapidly. Accessibility of information, the rise of FinTech, the move of big tech into financial services, and the explosion of artificial intelligence – these are all coinciding with shifting consumer expectations, and having an unprecedented impact on the banking landscape. In this data economy, Flybits helps banks win the fight for relevance and trust by bringing them closer to their customers, and helping them connect in new ways that radically transform their mobile channels.

A pressing problem
The global pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation, reducing timescales from years to months. For banks, the time is up. Their customers are now demanding better data-driven experiences that add value to their lives and extend beyond traditional transactions – without compromising their privacy.

Flybits’ solution
Flybits helps banks not only catch up, but become trusted custodians of their customers’ data, at a time when better data practices are needed more than ever.
The company offers banks the fastest way to build customer engagement, with modules that get them to market 85% faster. Its breakthrough innovation has helped customers achieve as much as a 250% increase in customer engagement and 151% increase in digital adoption. The company’s platform also provides the next generation of privacy, giving consumers the right to decide what data to share, and when.
Flybits has created the most advanced contextual engagement platform designed for the financial industry. It unifies internal and external data, enriches it with context, and transforms it into valuable recommendations. Simple to use, it empowers anyone to launch experiences in minutes, turning a bank’s digital channels into a destination that builds trust. The company offers its platform both directly to banks and through its key partners, Mastercard and Accenture.

Impressive achievements so far
Demand for Flybits’ technology has grown rapidly across the globe. In just three years, the company has increased revenue by 728%, doubled in size, and secured customers such as TD Bank, Mastercard, Diebold Nixdorf and Barclays. It has earned a spot on the Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Growing Companies, and gained recognition by Frost and Sullivan as a category leader in customer-experience technology.

Future plans
Flybits has been growing quickly in North America and Europe, due to a strong market need. And now the company is bringing the knowledge and expertise it has gained in these regions to other markets across the globe. It is currently working with banks in the Middle East, and has recently expanded into Latin America and Asia, where there is a growing demand for context-based mobile innovation.

How being part of Rise has helped
The support of Rise has helped Flybits expand in the UK and Europe in a number of ways. In particular, Rise provides a space for the team to gather and collaborate in the heart of the city of London. It also offer opportunities for networking with other FinTechs.

When it comes to inspiration at Flybits, we don’t have to look very far. The company’s founder, Hossein Rahnama is an academic whose passion for data drives the organisation’s vision in evolving its technology and platform. This is a major factor in Flybits’ continued disruption of the financial sector.
The team also draws inspiration from customer-centric organisations outside of financial services that use AI to create hyper-relevant experiences that redefine customer expectations and set new standards that consumers come to know and expect. These include Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix and Spotify.