Cross-border credit video from Nova Credit

Addressing the challenge of cross-border credit

05 October 2020

4 minute read

Financial inclusion often starts with individual ownership of data, says Collin Galster of Nova Credit

Why FinTechs must address the challenge of cross-border credit

Collin Galster is Head of Business Development at Nova Credit, a FinTech that enables customers to access and share their own credit data. In this video, Collin discusses a future where consumers are empowered by financial services, with freedom to move and work worldwide.

Collin explains that while there has been rapid advancement in cross-border payments, the exchange of credit data across national boundaries has been much slower, hampering access to financial services for millions of people worldwide.

Watch the video to hear how newcomers to the US are being hindered from accessing anything from telephone contracts to student loans – or download the Rise FinTech Insights report in which Collin looks at the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

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