An exclusive report from RIse Insights

The Power of Payments

20 June 2022

Whether you’re buying a cup of coffee, sending money abroad, or conducting a large-scale business, there are companies creating newer and easier ways to pay. This report takes a dive into different types of payments, what new innovation is bubbling, and what companies need to consider from a risk and legal standpoint so they can pay to play.
Read how fintechs are pioneering the path for consumers and banks in this space and just how innovative payments is. Among other topics, this report also covers:

  • Payments in the metaverse from TRM/GCP and Railsbank
  • An overview of the regulatory landscape by EY and Alloy Labs and how it’s shaping technology development and applications
  • Case studies from Asia-based and UK-based companies
  • Global perspectives on payments from Barclays’

Join us for “Rise Presents: Future of Payments” on 28 June live at Rise London and virtually with Rise NY.


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