An exclusive report from RIse Insights

Making data count with AI

15 March 2022

Data can be simple or complex, but each bit of it has inherent value. This report examines how fintechs and banks can apply AI technology to data in order to generate insights that maximise its potential value.

Read how fintechs are pioneering the path for banks in this space and just how valuable data is. Among other topics, this report also covers:

  • Data as a commodity and AI by Harbr and Level E Research
  • An overview of the regulatory landscape by Google Cloud and how it’s shaping technology development and applications
  • Case studies from EntropikTech, PolyAI, Flybits and vPhrase
  • Thought leadership from Barclays’ on a range of topics, including Fincrime and ethics in AI

Join us for “Rise Presents: Making data count with AI” on 7 April at live Rise London and Barclays Glasgow Campus: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rise-presents-ethics-in-ai-tickets-293006228517


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