How FinTechs can develop partnerships with large organisations

Expert advice for how startups can effectively engage with large organisations

Growth through partnership
Rapid scaling is a priority for many early-stage tech businesses and partnering with a corporate can be a highly effective way to reach customers and grow. Such partnerships can also be crucial in overcoming compliance hurdles and developing market insight. In Part Two of our Corporate innovation: Now and next report, we explore what FinTechs must do to win the trust and engagement of large organisations.

Understand the corporate perspective
Amali de Alwis, London Open Innovation Ambassador, has written the report’s introduction in which she explains the importance of mutual understanding.

Strength in simplicity
Peter Janes, Founder and CEO, of Shieldpay shares further insights on partnering with corporates in the report.


This report contains experience and advice from industry experts including:

  • Amali de Alwis, London Open Innovation Ambassador;
  • Janhavi Rao, Barclays Chief Technology Officer;
  • Peter Janes, Founder and CEO of Shieldpay;
  • Jennifer Jordan, Techstars’ Managing Director; and
  • Gabrielle Haddad, Co-Founder and COO of Sigma Rating

Learn too from Barclays’ eight years’ experience of partnering with and supporting startups to drive open innovation and create greater opportunities for the entire ecosystem.

New opportunities for global startups
In her article, Jennifer Jordan, Managing Director, Techstars, shares seven ways startups can build better relationships with corporates.

Strategic alignment
Gabrielle Haddad, Co-Founder and COO, Sigma Ratings, explains why startups need to be clear on what constitutes success when partnering with corporates.

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