How corporates and FinTechs can create lasting value through partnerships

Industry experts, FinTechs and innovation enablers explain how to create value that lasts.

Building valuable relationships
How can corporates and FinTechs ensure that initial engagement develops into commercial relationships that meet the needs of both sides? That is the focus of this third and final part of our Corporate innovation: Now and next report. 

Prepare to succeed
In the report, Chris Locke, Partner and CEO of UK Rainmaking explains how a deeper engagement model can help startups and corporate partnerships create greater value.

Radical transparency
Rafael Plantier, Head of UK and Ireland at Tink explains why FinTechs need to deeply understand the focus of their corporate counterparts. Read his insights in the report. 


We share practical insight and experience from industry experts including:

  • Mariquit Corcoran, Group Chief Innovation Officer at Barclays;
  • Adam Toms, CEO of OpenFin Europe;
  • Rafael Plantier, Head of UK and Ireland at Tink; and
  • Chris Locke, Partner and CEO of UK Rainmaking.

We also look back at Barclays’ eight years’ experience of partnering with and supporting startups to drive open innovation and create greater opportunities for all. What are the lessons to be learned, and what is the future of Open Innovation for Barclays and the ecosystem as a whole?

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