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11 October 2021

5 minute read

If you are interested in learning more about ApTap or any other Rise affiliate please get in touch with the Rise team


ApTap is a white label bill management application that sits within your banking app and uses Open Banking to build up a customer profile and track habits across all accounts. (Grey label/Referral, with API Integration options, are also available).

  1. Analyses customer data by connecting to utility providers through open banking and APIs.
  2. Tracks the latest market deals/price comparisons.
  3. Switches contracts seamlessly through the banking app.
  4. Deals with payment rails.
  5. Manages user/supplier communications.

Key Features

User Authentication
Users are issued 24-hour tokens and referenced against unique identifiers via the OAuth 2.0 server whenever the customer logs in or takes an action within the application.

Backend Encryption
Data is encrypted in-flight and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. We use MongoDB Atlas deployed on AWS to maintain the highest level of database security.

Internal Processes
The production, development and testing environments sit behind MFA and a secure VPN. Only the CTO and head developer can push code to production.

Pain Points

- Simplifies switching to a new service for consumers.

- Provides a single platform to manage all bills and subscriptions.

- Enables user to compare bills to deals on the market.

- Addresses issues causing banks to lose money and market share to neobanks.

- Enables greater utility and possible usage of banking apps by operating through user bank applications.


- Signed TSB Bank (commercial agreement) and launched in April 2021 (5 million customers).
- Signed Network’s flagship platform (Health Service Discounts) and onboarded in August 2021 (2 million customers).

- 50+ partnerships with energy and broadband companies.
- In discussions with all major banks.

- £700k pre-seed round.
- £500k seed round in progress.

Relationship with Barclays
- ApTap started a conversation with Barclays strategy team but closed off after Barclay’s investment in Youtility, a direct competitor.

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