TiLT is revolutionizing leave in the workplace to help companies stay compliant, be consistent, and improve talent retention.

Five questions with TiLT

25 November 2020

4 minute read

TiLT is revolutionising leave in the workplace to help companies stay compliant, be consistent and improve talent retention.

TiLT is revolutionising leave in the workplace to help companies stay compliant, be consistent and improve talent retention. Our leave experts and intuitive software ensure success at every stage of the leave journey for HR, employees and their managers. We are currently supporting forward-thinking companies of all sizes across the US to make leave suck less.

01. What was the inspiration behind your company?

As a professional mum with two small children, I experienced career stagnation, bias and pregnancy discrimination when I disclosed both of my pregnancies. My employers simply didn’t know what to do with me, or women like me, to maintain career growth with pregnancy and young children. The penalty of motherhood that forces women to ‘choose’ between their career or staying at home with children is antiquated, short-sighted and shuts out an immense talent pool that is more educated, experienced and driven than ever before in history. By making the process of leave better, we know that we will reduce bias, turnover and dramatically improve employee engagement and productivity.

02. What do you find is the most difficult aspect of being a female founder?

The research around female founders fielding more preventative than promotion questions has been incredibly accurate during my fundraising journey. Everything from being told: “I don’t invest in mothers because I need my founder to work,” to blatantly patronising the female leaders on my team. In my experience, female founders need to have three times the traction to get a fraction of the investment that our male counterparts are receiving.

03. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned since first developing and launching your startup?

Be a sponge — always open to learning, growing and considering different perspectives. However, there is absolutely a time to make decisions, be a leader and remember that a start-up is not a democracy.

04. How has the pandemic impacted your company?

We have had significant tailwinds with the new workplace in pandemic times. Caregiving has come out of the closet with kids and elderly parents on Zoom calls, and we believe this phenomenon is here to stay. Employers are desperate to care for their remote employees going through life events, and often those events trigger a leave. Lastly, the increased complexity of leave legislation and compliance (often coupled with HR now supporting employees in new state jurisdictions that have different leave laws) has made this pain point even more prevalent and urgent.

05. What is the one piece of advice you'd give to other women thinking about starting a company?

If the reason that you’re starting the company, your “why,” is not part of your intrinsic being, daily passion or almost compulsion then it will be very hard to make it through the enormous amount of ups and significant downs that entrepreneurs encounter regularly.

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