Jasmine Jones is the founder and CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates.

Five questions with Cherry Blossom Intimates

08 December 2020

5 minute read

Jasmine Jones is the Founder and CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates. 

Jasmine Jones is the Founder and CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates. Inspired by her grandmother's battle with breast cancer, Jasmine created Cherry Blossom Intimates to address the challenge of finding well-fitting post-mastectomy breast prosthetics that match a full range of skin tones. The company offers breast cancer survivors across the nation completely customisable, fully insurance billable breast prosthetics, custom created with 3-D printing technology with a state-of-the-art fit experience so that all women can wear the perfect fit.

A lingerie designer, Jasmine designs post-mastectomy bras in inclusive sizes. She is a former Miss District of Columbia USA, a Forbes Under 30 listmaker in the retail and e-commerce category, and a Tory Burch Fellow.

01. What was the inspiration behind your company?

When my grandmother was battling breast cancer, I recognised the challenge of finding well-fitting post-mastectomy prosthetics that matched her skin tone. She never found the perfect fit. Nothing made her feel comfortable. She passed away while I was in my sophomore year of college. I knew that there had to be a better way for her, and women like her, to shop for post-mastectomy products with dignity.

02. What do you find is the most difficult aspect of being a female founder?

I am probably underestimated because I am a woman, because of my race and maybe because I have a sweet voice and wear dresses all the time; but I don’t have much time to sit and dwell on those things.

I learned long ago that when I am underestimated, I am better positioned to leverage success. Additionally, I leverage my strengths as a woman. I hear and understand what my customers want because I have a high level of empathy, and I am comfortable connecting with them emotionally.

03. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned since first developing and launching your startup?

The most important lesson that I’ve learned is to focus on the ultimate goal, to realise that all things are possible, and to work together for the common good no matter what.

04. How has the pandemic impacted your company?

We closed our doors out of an abundance of caution for our patients. Amid COVID-19, I was optimistic about using my time in lockdown at home to benefit the business. We pivoted our business model to include virtual fittings and even had a virtual pajama party to help our company stay top of mind for our customers. I am grateful that we survived the pandemic and were able to return better than before.

05. Tell us about a role model or mentor who has helped you along your journey.

I’ve met many mentors along my journey. I’ve always believed it’s better to learn a lesson from someone else than to live through a challenge that I’ve been forewarned about.

Kim Newton, former SVP of Corporate Experience for Hallmark Brand, has been integral in helping me to develop a brand strategy, which is the next phase of my business.

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