Rise, the home of FinTech

The Home of FinTech

We bring together the world's top innovators to create the future of financial services

Rise exists to create the ultimate conditions for innovation and growth in financial services.

We are a global community of FinTech innovators that seeks to disrupt, challenge and confront the way things are done in our industry, building solutions that harness the power of the latest technologies to transform the world of financial services. Today, we have over 150 FinTech companies who call Rise home, and a virtual community of over 7,500 members.

Connect at Rise

State-of-the-art workspaces, designed for FinTech companies.

Companies can apply to make Rise their home, and as a member, get unparalleled access to our bespoke programme of training, workshops and events, and an exclusive opportunity to connect into the wider Barclays network of top-tier clients, partners, investors and experts.

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Create at Rise

We continuously pivot, evolve and adapt at Rise.

FinTech companies can apply to join our award-winning range of programmes which are geared to supercharge a FinTech’s progress: from developing the first PoC to becoming enterprise-ready and perfecting the pitch for a major partnership deal.

This includes the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, run in London, New York and Tel Aviv.

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Scale at Rise

Going from startup to scaleup is a challenge.

We focus on the growth and success of our Rise members, and seek to provide the highest levels of training and support to build solid foundations to go from high-potential startup to industry-leading scaleup, tapping into Barclays’ global network of expertise.

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What makes Rise unique

It’s about that bond of working with people, for the people and being part of the ecosystem. That's what's unique about Rise, especially if you are in FinTech.

Zvi Goldstein

Senior Quantitative Analyst at Ontic Capital

What's happening at the Home of FinTech

We have a number of events happening across our global locations. Find out what's happening near you.

Rise New York Open Day
October 2019

Rise New York Expansion

Rise New York is expanding.

Book a tour of the site and see how joining the biggest FinTech community in New York can help you scale your business.

Rise Presents : Cyber Security – Protecting your personal data
Tuesday 8 October 2019

Rise Presents: Cyber security – Protecting your personal data

Rise London presents expert panellists in a 45 minute discussion on the subject of cyber security, including its challenges and where the UK stands in comparison to other nations.

Rise Presents - Succeeding with a Platform Business Model
Thursday 10 October 2019

Rise Presents: Succeeding with a Platform Business Model

Rise Mumbai is delighted to announce the next Rise Refresh Event on 'Selling in a Connected World.'

ExitValley: Investors Event
Wednesday 25 September 2019

ExitValley: Investors Event

Join Rise Tel Aviv member ExitValley for their monthly event. ExitValley, a crowdfunding platform, makes the opportunities of "start-up nation" accessible to all. The event will feature pitches from 6 hand picked start-ups.

Rise is the Home of FinTech